Success Stories

Channa Gunasekara

I got to know about the study opportunities which are available for CIMA members at NMIT, New Zealand by attending the session conducted at CIMA Sri Lanka Division in April 2015. Pro X New Zealand Ltd was introduced to me through this session. Thus, I had no doubts in working with them to obtain my student VISA to come to New Zealand for studies.

From day one, Pro X was keen to maintain their genuine interest in providing accurate information and assistance to obtain the student VISA. Firstly, Pro X assisted me with the enrolment process at NMIT.

Pro X had to go out of the way to make the enrolment process seamless as I was the first CIMA member to come here under the MoU signed by CIMA SL and NMIT NZ. Secondly, Pro X guided me through the VISA application process. I’m thankful for the extra effort put in by Pro X to obtain my student VISA in less than 14 working days.
Throughout the process, I firmly believe that Pro X provided me with accurate information. Pro X didn’t mention only the good side of the story. They were responsible enough to mention the challenges as well. This way, I was able to plan for the challenges.

Therefore, I would recommend Pro X to anyone who would like to obtain their services simply because of the honest and responsible assistance provided by them.

I wish all the very best to Pro X in their future endeavours.

Asoka S. Weerasundara

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