Success Stories

Dewni Wickramasinghe

I was able to live the dream I longed since a child thanks to ProX

Many people dream big of going to another country and pursuing their education or jobs and some even dream of settling down with their families, but sadly not everyone is able to do this. The entire process of going abroad takes an immense amount of hard work and dedication. “It’s not an easy task to fulfill.”

I was firstly introduced to ProX when I was only 16 years of age. This was when ProX held a seminar in Colombo. At first I hesitated to attend this program this was mainly because I was still a student at Lyceum International School and was studying towards my advance level examinations and was also the games and athletic caption at that time. However, despite my hesitation my parents who were very keen in going to the seminar made sure that I attended this program. This was when I first met Mr. Asoka Weerasundara who was also a dear friend of my father.

Mr. Asoka spoke to me about a wide range of opportunities and asked me what I would be willing to study and if I had a passion towards anything at that moment. This was when I told him that I love to stay around little children. So, at the age of 16, I was introduced to early childhood education by him and this was the key reason as to why I am able to study in New Zealand today.

First I studied online from the comfort of my home in Sri Lanka completing my first year of the Bachelors degree.

Mr. Asoka and his team worked extremely hard to ensure that I was able to live and study in New Zealand without any hazel. They we extremely help full throughout my visa process. The positive and supportive attitude and of Mr. Asoka, Mr. Sanjeewa and Miss Senuri were extremely helpful during this entire process.

To all of you who are willing to come into this beautiful country I would without any hesitation recommend Pro X. It is because of my parents, Mr. Asoka and Pro X that I am able to study early childhood education stage 6 in New Zealand at the age of only 18 years.

Thanks to Pro X I am able to live a dream that was longed since I was a child.

Mr. Asoka has been a gentleman throughout this entire process. I wish all the luck to this organization and to Mr. Asoka Weerasundara.

Asoka S. Weerasundara

License Number 201301161

Head Office

No 1, Myers Grove Churton Park
Wellington 6037
New Zealand