Success Stories

Kethmini Liyanage

The team at Pro X is excellent and professional in the job they do

Mr. Asoka Weerasundara, Mr. Sanjeewa Bambarenda and the team at Pro X is excellent and professional in the job they do.
I and my husband approached Mr. Weerasundara because of the dying interest we had to come to NZ. We discussed about our interest and Mr. Weerasundara explained all possibilities we had. With his advice and guidance we could obtain our visas and arrive in NZ last year.

It is very convenient to work with the team and we were lucky to have personal attention in all matters related to the process. The team at Pro X is very friendly and gives prompt responses whenever we contact them.

New Zealand is a land of opportunities. I being a student and also a part time employee as a relieving teacher, I enjoy my profession being in the field of Early Childhood Education.

My husband is in his full time work visa. We love and enjoy our time in New Zealand.

Thank you Mr. Weerasundara and Pro X for the opportunity we hold now.

Thanking you may not be enough though. We wish the best of luck for everything you do!!!

Asoka S. Weerasundara

License Number 201301161

Head Office

No 1, Myers Grove Churton Park
Wellington 6037
New Zealand